The Royal Litter for Fryske Point whelped on May 3, 2013 . . . Monty X Tulip.



Dauwe, known as "Monty" --  To visit Monty's website, click here.


Because we travel annually to Holland as a Breeders Advisor for the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association, we often meet our prospective Studs at the various shows or gatherings.   This was not the case with Monty.  We have had our "eye" on his brother, Tibbe,  for a long time, and once Monty had shown his expertise in the field, we were hooked!   We have been interested in maintaining the original working purpose of the Stabyhoun breed, so when a great match like Monty appeared, we knew we had found our "man".

Monty earned his "C" diploma in the Dutch field trials in August of 2012 and showed a lot of promise for the future in pointing and retrieving.   After being encouraged to become a stud, Monty joined the show circuit, earning his necessary rating for becoming an official stud.   At his first show, he not only exhibited his good conformation and temperament, but also received a first place ribbon, an "Excellent" rating and Best of Breed from the judges!  Monty then went on to place 3rd in Group 7 for the day.

We are thrilled to have him as our litter's sire!


The fun really begins! Saskia Riemer and Feike Wierda, the owners of Monty, agreed to try doing an Artificial Insemination using fresh extended semen. This involves doing a collection of semen at an experienced reproduction veterinarian in Holland, adding an extender to the semen, and then shipping the package to the USA for another repro vet to inseminate. If only it were as easy as it sounds!

After our last experience, we thought we had worked out all the wrinkles and that surely all would go smoothly this time.  Saskia and Feike were very diligent and careful about doing everything perfectly and getting the semen collected on the correct day.   Monty was a star and made it all seem like a walk in the park.  His sperm count was 1.2 billion and the quality was superb!   

The next day when the package was supposed to arrive, it was still in the office where it was originally dropped off!  Oh NO!  This cannot be happening again!  Between the fact that the weekend was quickly approaching and the time difference between our countries, FedEx told us that it would be Tuesday, five days later, before the package would arrive.

The semen finally did arrive on Monday mid-day in Bluffton, SC. After a total of 102 hours from the time of collection, the semen was vaginally inserted and the waiting began.  Fortunately, Tulip was still in her prime period, although at the very end of the life of the mature eggs, and Monty's sperm were still at least 70% motile and chilled!

Our other female, Echo, confirmed that the timing was still right and gave her own special good wishes to Tulip for success!


And it worked!! On March 29th, we took Tulip in for her ultrasound and there was at least one heartbeat clearly seen.

Much to our delight, on April 19th, the vet found four little skeletons on the x-ray. It is a wonderful success after all!

Imagine our surprise when the count was doubled on delivery day! Eight beautiful pups came into this world on May 3, days after the coronation of the new Dutch King! Tulip "crowned" 2 Kings and 6 Queens.

At Fryske Point, we believe in breeding only the finest temperaments, as creating a best friend and a devoted pet should be the number one consideration for every breeder. While improving our line's conformation is an important goal, we take pride in our dogs becoming intelligent and responsive working dogs as well. We want our dogs to be used in the field, obedience or agility trials whenever possible, in order to maintain the original working abilities of the Stabyhoun breed. Temperament is an essential part of this working ability and we start work with our pups from the minute they are born. From the beginning, we build a strong and confident dog with proper socialization of each pup in the litter.


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