The Miracle Litter for Fryske Point was whelped on December 4, 2011 . . . Chess X Tulip.


Chess fan'e Twellegeaster Bourren


Because we travel annually to Holland as a Board member and Breeders Advisor for the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association, we arranged to meet our prospective Stud at the 2011 EuroDog Show in Leeuwarden scheduled for September 2, 2011. Chess is from a line that has been of interest to us for a while, but we were delighted to find his charm and gentle manner is as strong as his conformation! Chess and his mother, Aja, both placed first with an Excellent in conformation, a CAC title, a CACIB title, and the EuroDog Winners!!


The challenge was on! René Rigterink, the owner of Chess, agreed to try doing an Artificial Insemination using fresh extended semen. This involves doing a collection of semen at an experienced reproduction veterinarian in Holland, adding an extender to the semen, and then shipping the package to the USA for another repro vet to inseminate. Sounds simple!

Both René and I thought nothing could go wrong, as we were very prepared and had discussed every possibility. But Murphy's Law came into play, and the FedEx office in Schiphol forgot to have René fill out a commercial invoice for customs, so the package was never processed and sat at FedEx! We were up all night at our end trying to track the package, but because the forms were "incomplete", the tracking number was not in the system, so to FedEx, it did not exist. Of course, with the time difference of six hours, nothing could be learned until the next day. René came to the rescue early the next morning and managed to get the package on its way on an early flight.

The semen arrived in Vermont after a total of 57 hours from the time of collection. That is a record-breaking "tie"! Although there were less than 5% of the sperm still motile, and my vet had to advise that the chances of success were slim -- we proceeded with the transcervical insemination knowing that we had nailed the day of ovulation, that the eggs had matured, and that we really wanted this litter.


And it worked!! On November 2nd, with only a prayer of hope, we took Tulip in for her ultrasound.

Much to our delight, the vet found five little heartbeats. It was so sweet to watch Tulip viewing the ultrasound screen as we did the procedure!

Now we wait for the big day around December 4th.

Pups are born! Click HERE to see more!

At Fryske Point, we believe in breeding only the finest temperaments, as creating a best friend and a devoted pet should be the number one goal for every breeder. While improving our line's conformation is an important goal, we take pride in our dogs becoming intelligent and responsive working dogs as well. We want our dogs to be used in the field, obedience or agility trials whenever possible, in order to maintain the original working abilities of the Stabyhoun breed. Temperament is an essential part of this working ability and we start work with our pups from the minute they are born. From the beginning, we build a strong and confident dog with proper socialization of each pup in the litter.


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