What is the History of the Stabyhoun?

The Stabij originates from Friesland and in particular from the Frisian Forest Area, a region in the southeast and east of Friesland. The breed has long been known in those regions but outside Friesland it has only become better known since the sixties. As reported in various texts (eg Joost Halbertsma, Waling Dijkstra and Nynke fan Hichtum among others), the Staby or "Bijke", as it was frequently called, was described as a "long-haired piebald", "a children's friend" and a "good hunter" in the nineteenth century.

The ancestors would probably be related to the span joel (or spaniel), who came to the north during the Spanish occupation (1568-1648). There is also likely a relationship between the Staby, the Heidewachtel, and Drentsche Partridge Dog.

The Stabij was used for hunting moles, rats and polecats, as a watchdog and as pest exterminator in the yard and around the house.   Occasionally, the Stabyhoun was also used as a hunting dog for both wild hare and feather. In the latter case, there was high incidence of hunting by poachers, because the Staby was no dog of the nobility, but the small farmer. The Staby was originally the dog of the "little guy", the day laborer of farmers or small landholders. This dog also had to be tolerant toward the other livestock on the farm, friendly with the children and protective about the premises, without being vicious or snappy.

It is a very versatile dog which is primarily used as a companion dog today.  There are approximately 4500 registered Stabyhoun in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands, and about 300 in the USA and Canada.

The breed was recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club, the Raad van Beheer, in 1942.  The Dutch Staby- and Wetterhoun Association (De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stabij- en Wetterhoun) was formed in 1947.  The Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association was established in 2006.

The Stabyhoun belongs to Group 7, Pointing Dogs, within the FCI, Fédération Cynologique Internationale.  The breed is currently part of the Foundation Stock program of the AKC and is not yet recognized as a breed by the CKC in Canada.   In Canada, the breed may be shown in companion and conformation through the UKC.   In the USA, the Stabys may be shown in field, obedience, agility, tracking, and rally.


At Fryske Point, we believe in breeding only the finest temperaments, as having a best friend and a devoted pet should be the number one goal for any owner. While maintaining and building our lines is an important goal, we take pride in our dogs as intelligent, and responsive working dogs as well. We want our dogs to be used in the field, or obedience and agility trials whenever possible, to maintain the original working abilities of the Stabyhoun breed. Temperament is an essential part of this working ability and we start work with our pups from the minute they can walk. From 2 weeks of age, we start to build a strong and confident dog with proper socialization of the litter.


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