What is the character of the Stabyhoun?

The Stabyhoun is a "stand-by-me" dog in almost every respect. They are loyal, affectionate dogs who are content when their master is close by and love to be involved in whatever project is being addressed. This "velcro" tendency can make these dogs a bit too much for some owners to handle as the Stabyhoun will follow you everywhere, demanding attention and hating to be left alone. If not dealt with carefully, this tendency can become separation anxiety, so working with any issues early is important.

If bored, the Stabyhoun may try to entertain himself by digging in the yard for moles or even your tulip bulbs! If left to his own devices, he will look for trouble and probably find it as he does have an active imagination. They can be great with children and other pets, but need to be handled with consistency or they will become "bossy" and try to dominate the situation.

The Stabyhoun can be both timid and cautious at times, unsure of whether to chase after or run from their object of concern. He will normally outgrow any shyness or caution after reaching maturity, but may need some behavior modification training to overcome the desire to either bark or hide from perceived dangers. The dog should move freely and fearlessly in the show ring and when handled by strangers they should carry themselves with confidence and friendliness. Dogs exhibiting fearful or aggressive behavior are considered genetically unacceptable and as such are not suitable for breeding purposes. Proper socialization before 14 weeks of age and continuing throughout the first year of ownership is critical for these dogs as they need to be introduced to all kinds of people, animals, places, and noises in order to desensitize them. So if you bring a Stabyhoun into your home, include it in your life! Bring him along to pick up the kids after school or to their soccer games, take him to a building supply store (many allow leashed dogs) or to pick out his own toys at the pet supply store. Take him for a walk in the busiest park in town, or on a nearby college campus. Take him anywhere that he can safely see new things and meet friendly people, as long as you are not going to be in too much of a hurry and end up getting impatient! Do a little low key obedience practice - "sit" for a cookie, or a 10 second stay at the end of his leash. Remember your dog will look at you for guidance as the "leader of the pack", so if your dog does show fear do not act any differently then you would normally. If you show no fear, your dog will take its cue from you, if you pick it up or try to "comfort" your puppy, you are not leading, but rather feeding the fear.

It is both a soft-mouthed retriever and a pointer that is particularly useful for hunting ducks and upland birds. It is a fine retriever, and waterwork is one of its fortes. It is very sharp-eyed, owns a good sense of smell and aptitude, and works fast and efficiently. Although occasionally somewhat willful by nature, Stabyhouns are obedient, gentle, and patient dogs, which are deeply fond of their family, wanting to please their owners. Stabyhouns like to have tasks and they can be used in almost any imaginable form of training: Obedience, Hunting, Endurance, Flyball, they love to retrieve tennis balls and are excellent as Agility Dogs. They are highly intelligent and can be trained easily, but need consistency. They are keen and active dogs outside, but very calm inside the house, as long as they get a moderate amount of exercise daily.

Stabyhouns need and want a substantial amount of exercise, particularly when young, so though you don't need a huge yard, you do need a fenced area for them, and if it isn't big, you'd better like to take walks or toss balls and toys for them. Stabyhouns are not good candidates for walking off leash, as their excellent nose may lead them to chase after some interesting pray and leave their "boss" shouting out unheard commands! The Stabyhoun is very smart, has the will to please, and is responsive to all kinds of obedience training. They can be very stubborn, however, and test your patience with a look saying, "What exactly are you asking me to do?" and then cock their heads! Once your Stabyhoun discovers that you can "out stubborn" him and that doing what you expect of him is not optional, you're most of the way there. Periodic practice sessions are highly recommended for any commands on which you want reliability - but keep them short, positive, and fun, for the sake of you and your dog. The Staby is a sensitive breed, so it is particularly important to be positive in your voice and manner during correcting sessions. If you are punitive or speak too harshly to a Staby, they completely shut down and you loose any benefit that might have occurred otherwise.

So what is the special attraction of Stabyhoun? They have a bright and interested expression that shows their joy of life. They are cuddly dogs and love nothing better than to have their head resting on your foot or your lap! Affectionate to a fault, often licking hands and faces even when not desirable, they seem to truly feel love and affinity to their family. They lift a paw to "point" at the slightest hint of an interesting scent or sight of some prey or cock their head when confused or listening intently. They want nothing more out of life than to be assigned a task and to see your joy in a job well done. They are a best friend without being just "yes"-dogs! Life is never dull with a Staby by your side.


At Fryske Point, we believe in breeding only the finest temperaments, as having a best friend and a devoted pet should be the number one goal for any owner. While maintaining and building our lines is an important goal, we take pride in our dogs as intelligent, and responsive working dogs as well. We want our dogs to be used in the field, or obedience and agility trials whenever possible, to maintain the original working abilities of the Stabyhoun breed. Temperament is an essential part of this working ability and we start work with our pups from the minute they can walk. From 2 weeks of age, we start to build a strong and confident dog with proper socialization of the litter.


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